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 I'm 13 years old and my life is kind of complicated.I write songs like to play on my guitar and meet friends. I'm playing soccer and i used to play tennis. Music and sports is my life. School is kind of boring and homework is just enoying. In this blog I mostly talk about problems and good/bad parts of my life.So enjoy it. If you're speaking german just ask in german my german is pretty good because actually i'm german and live in germany, but i like to speak english =)

with love xoxo


8.9.09 19:04

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Cooki (8.9.09 19:25)
hey TuttiFrutti how are you doin'?I read your about me blog and I so like to know more 'bout ya.I'm german too:D!
Ich mag deinen blog wirklich total was du da über dich geschrieben hast!Bitte schreib noch mehr.Komplitzierte Leben sind meine Spezialität:D.
Ich hab auch eins
hdl Cokki

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